Viva la Revolucion (still?)

Back from Cuba… what a place. But it’s heading for another revolution. Yep – it’s going down to capitalism in a big way. It’s gonna be chewed, swallowed and spat out as soon as the yanks can say “Cohiba”.

The capital carrot has been dangled for such a long time now that they’re just itching to get their hands on all the things we take for granted everyday.

Played tennis against the coach at one of the resorts, and he literally took the shirt off my back.

I gave him my Federer, Australian Open Nike top. It made his day. It made mine too, till i found out i can’t get actually buy it anymore in the UK as it’s a limited edition. People living in Cuba must get that feeling 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

“All my life i wait for Castro to die, when?” my tennis coach said.

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