They’re Dinosaurs…..

Dinosaur Jr formed in 84, split in 97 and then got back together in 2005 – all in a lifetimes work then. They really don’t like doing interviews, or so the media says. But i found them quite engaging and full of opinion. Mascics is one of the funniest people i’ve interviewed. I could probably play his interview back double the speed and it would still sound slow!  The bands ninth album is out on June 23rd. It’s called Farm. It wasn’t recorded on one though, nope they recorded it in a small room in the J.Mascis mansion.

One response to “They’re Dinosaurs…..”

  1. pixelnated says:

    Hey Adrian! I saw the interview up on the BBC site. Great job!
    Did you get to see the performance as well?
    I’d love to see the whole interview if you ever post it somewhere!